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Reading Tips

Reading, and a love for reading, has it’s roots in the home.  Parents can help their children become successful readers. The following tips can be used to foster a love of reading. For more tips and options in different languages, click the link and visit
Reading Rockets!

  1. Read to your kids and listen to them read to you.
  2. Ask Questions!- When your child reads, get her to retell the story or information. If it’s literature, ask who it was about and what happened. If it’s an informational text, have your child explain what it was about and how it worked.
  3. Read from a variety of children’s books, including fairy tales, song books, poems, and information books.
  4. Read whenever you get the chance – Have a book or magazine with you for any time your child has to wait, like at the doctor’s or the dentist.
  5. Read favorites again and again – Encourage your child to re-read the books and poems they love. Re-reading helps to build fluency and confidence.